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Alpha 17 Experimental B221 Is Out

Hey Survivalist,
We’ve just released Alpha 17 Experimental B221 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues. Opt in instructions can be found here:

B221 Forum Page


  • More food and drink types to vending machines
  • New tier 1 cabin_09 dungeon to the game and RGW
  • New Cabin_08
  • Mods to traders inventory and secret stash.
  • Move speeds to AI debug info
  • Zombie movement settings Nightmare speed
  • Improved zombie run/walk settings (replaced ZombiesRun preference with ZombieMove, ZombieMoveNight, ZombieFeralMove, ZombieBMMove. Each can be Walk, Jog, Run or Sprint)
  • Two new tier 1 cave POIs, and made cave_05 larger
  • Updated server browser to support the new zombie move settings
  • New tier 1 quest-able cabins 8, 9 and 10 to Navezgane and random gen
  • Potential fix for some macOS users getting errors about too large socket buffers
  • New medicine cabinets, sinks, medical piles and ammo piles
  • Overhauled cabin 07 as a dungeon tier 1 to support fetch, clear, hidden cache
  • Cabin_01 has been overhauled in to a small dungeon tier 1 that supports clear quests
  • Docks 02 is now a new overhauled tier 2 questable dungeon
  • Docks_03 overhaul
  • Gas_station4 as a tier 1 questable POI
  • Cabin_04 as tier 1 clear, fetch, hidden_cache
  • New diner_03 to navezgane and replaced a couple dupe cabins with new ones
  • New diner 03 tier 1 dungeon
  • New cabin_11 tier 1 POI


  • Update the ancient torch model
  • Crafting steel bolts and arrows is not gated by a perk
  • Overhauled diner 02 into a tier 1 dudgeon
  • AI destroy area to check more often and last 2 seconds longer
  • Iron and Steel fireaxes do bonus damage to wood
  • Iron and Steel pickaxes do bonus damage to stone and iron
  • Trader Update: Added mods, clothing, all new food and drug items, rebalanced most item prices, added more construction materials, improved Trader Joel graphics
  • Now logging all chat on the server
  • Removed AstarPath calling GC Collect, which causes lag spikes when new path grids made
  • Pine forest sun is more vibrant
  • Increased vehicle placement height, so easier on uneven ground
  • Bicycles and wheels no longer need a workbench to craft
  • Vultures will target a noisy player if none seen
  • Dart traps moved to Engineering 2
  • Increased next wandering horde delay range
  • Increased wandering horde min pitstop distance and range
  • Vulture targeting of the closest player to check if seen on each one and check light level, so stealth at night works
  • Ranged weapons and zombie HP scaling rebalanced
  • Decreased noise of jumping and step sounds
  • Rescaled zombie tier hit points and gamestagebased spawn probabilities
  • Reduced wandering horde counts
  • Trader doesn’t have a really bright light on him now
  • Removed duplicate dock 04 from smaller lake
  • Merged the Slow Metabolism and Fully Hydrated perks
  • Normalized zombie anim blends, so 1.35 move speed is a full run for all
  • Increased normal zombie MoveSpeedAggro max and decreased spider to 1.35 max
  • Intellect reduces crafting speed by up to 65%
  • Perception increases accuracy with ranged weapons
  • Decreased reflection quality settings of Low/Middle/High/Ultra and added Ultra to UI and added private Ultra
  • Entity speed properties to MoveSpeed, MoveSpeedNight, MoveSpeedAggro, MoveSpeedPanic
  • Feral MoveSpeedAggro minimum to 37% of max value in XML
  • Removed AIDirector checking run for some distances and increased day distances
  • Power attack damage higher than before but mostly perkbased
  • Perks Deep Cuts, Stay Down, Heavy metal increase power attack damage on stunned/staggered enemies
  • Stoneaxe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe are bladed weapons
  • Removed Wrecking Crew perk
  • Melee weapons rebalanced
  • Guns and ammo prices
  • Intellect 10 goggles maximum craft speed reduction is 95% instead of 100%.
  • Increased AI obstacleCheckTickDelay to 4
  • Increased chance for power attack grunt sounds because power attacks cost more stamina
  • Reduced chance for grunts to play on all power attacks.
  • Made tier 6 pois tier 5 adjusted the tiers on a few more pois that should have been 1 or 2s
  • Reduced zombie kill XP
  • Fetch compass icon changes to up at 3 meters now instead of 2 above.


  • Recipe unlock issues with gunPumpShotgun, thrownAmmoPipeBomb, thrownDynamite, tnt, rScrapIronPlateMine, ceilingLight01_player, toolForgeCrucible, resourceArrowHeadSteelAP, resourceForgedSteel
  • Particle effects of destroyed terrain blocks were always black
  • Parent spam on survivor camps
  • Client not showing if you tried to connect to a server with an invalid password
  • EAC keeps connecting and disconnecting
  • Creating a Blank game then hitting continue brings unused game settings
  • EAC keeps connecting and disconnecting
  • Blood draw kit does not take away any health
  • AI could be distracted when it had a target
  • Burnt zombie sound persists when in Pause
  • Collision on jail bars
  • Placed TNT is not explody enough
  • Armor perks can easily make you invulnerable
  • Rabbit very difficult to butcher from middle of its body (chicken too, made HasRagdoll false and set CC layer to cLayerLargeEntityBlocker on death when no ragdoll)
  • Zombies are no longer attacking doors or monster closets
  • Repair speed of stone axe, hammer, wrench and nail gun and syncronized animations with delay
  • FastTags GetTagNames not returning correct extended names
  • DrugRecog and drugFortBites have wrong craft tool assigned
  • The POI burning barrels have no collider to them
  • Perk Stay Down level 1 and 2 are not working
  • Active challenge prevents trader quests.
  • All mining ores have unique textures again
  • Light fixtures showing up dark.
  • Pathing issue with 1/2 blocks (added AI obstacle sidestepping)
  • AI CheckEntityBlocked not using origin and changed to SphereCast with longer range
  • Host can have still standing chopped down (POI?) trees remaining in their game
  • Power attacks with iron fire axe play grunt sounds
  • Land claims compass icons were showing for other people.
  • Nail gun nails don’t do damage and/or have collision (reworked launched obj handling, fixed offset from gun)
  • Nail projectiles not being deleted on collision
  • Infection adds a severe cap on stamina
  • Steel fire axe didn’t play grunt sounds on power attack.
  • perkHeavyMetal applies the correct effect
  • Torches are not at the 3D location where they were placed
  • Courier satchels appear for clients instead of normal containers

Important for dedicated servers:

<property name=”ZombiesRun” value=”0″ /> <!– OLD! 0 = default day/night walk/run, 1 = never run, 2 = always run; this setting ONLY affects regular zombies, some zombies like ferals always run –>
<property name=”ZombieMove” value=”0″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –>
<property name=”ZombieMoveNight” value=”3″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –>
<property name=”ZombieFeralMove” value=”3″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –>
<property name=”ZombieBMMove” value=”3″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –>

Known issues:

  • Some scenarios where trees remain in the world, repro cases are welcome
  • Auger and chainsaw soundloop in MP games reloading and switching slots fixes this temporarily
  • Trader Jen has a deep voice
  • Players visually disappear for another when looking up
  • No lights on vehicles
  • Turrets target zombies through walls
  • Guns with a magazine size of 1 still autoreload
  • Some mods are in a testing phase only and do not work yet
  • Stealth has some issues that may not get fixed until the next patch
  • Server connection issues
  • Floating POIs
  • Repair material not refunded when repair was cancelled
  • In some scenarios double swing may still occur
  • Ammo count of nailgun goes broke, when equipped with full auto receiver
  • Trader Rekt is nicer than usual
  • Some achievements can not be obtained at the moment
  • Charismatic Nature is not working right now
  • Scrapping items in crafting queue while relogging may go lost
  • Relogging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative sideeffects
  • Debugshot/dbs closes instantly on Linux and Mac
  • Nightvision does not properly work
  • Crafting speed bonus does not properly apply to workstations
  • Clipping into blocks to see through terrain
  • Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients
  • Vehicle key mapping does not save
  • Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while
  • Self medicated can be purchased but should not
  • Server browser does not display the proper values for zombie movement speed
  • Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed
  • Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater
  • Hand held weapons and items show light on them while inside sealed rooms or underground at night
  • Clothing items should be removed and swapped out manually or risk deleting them
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